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Ms. Sepeedah Soltanian-Zadeh successfully defended her MS thesis. She will join TI … Congratulations!!

Mr. Hesam Babahosseini successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Babahosseini!

Vaishanvi Srinivasaraghavan successfully defended her PhD. She is the first female doctoral student of VT MEMS Lab. Congratulations!

Mr. Yahya Hosseini successfully defended his PhD on 3D biomimetic structures and is going to join MIT as a postdoctoral associate. Congratulations!

Mohammad Akbar successfully defended his PhD dissertation on integrated micro gas chromatographs. Congratulations!

Dr. Agah promoted to the rank of Full Professor thanks to the effort of all students of VT MEMS Lab.

Diana Nakidde successfully defended her MS thesis on 3D dielectrophoresis. She will join Intel Inc. Congratulations Diana!

Hamza Shakeel successfully defended his PHD on microfluidic gas separation columns with nanotechnology-enabled stationary phases. Congratulations for an awesome job!!

Apoorva Garg successfully defended his MS thesis on Zebra GC. Congratulations Apoorva :)

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