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Hamza won third place for poster presentations at 30th Annual Graduate Research Symposium 2014 held at Virginia Tech.

Shree Narayanan successfully defended his PhD on micro gas chromatography detectors and their integration into separation columns. Congratulations Shree :)

Tyler Shake successfully defended his MS thesis on embedded passivated-electrode insulator-based dielectrophoresis. Congratulations Tyler!

Mr. Phillip Zellner successfully defended his PHD in the area of dielectrophoresis. Congratulations Dr. Zellner!

VT MEMS Lab will present 5 papers in the upcoming BMES conference.

Dr. Mehdi Nikkhah, the first PHD graduate of the BioMEMS thrust, will join the faculty of Biomedical Engineering Department, Arizona State University. Congratulations and wishing him a safe journey in his new endeavors.

Drs. Agah, Nazhandali (ECE), and Marr (CEE) received an R21 grant from NIOSH to develop a portable GC for monitoring toxic gases in airports.

VT MEMS lab will present six papers in the 2012 IEEE Sensors Conference; four in Micro Analytical Chemistry Thrust and two in BioMEMS/NEMS Thrust.

Vaishnavi successfully defended her Master’s thesis on bioimpedance sensing. She will continue her PhD on the same subject.

Alperen Ketene’s thesis entitled, The AFM Study of Ovarian Cell Structural Mechanics in the Progression of Cancer, received the 2011 William Preston Society Master’s Thesis Award in the category of Innovative Application of Technology in a Master’s Thesis.

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